Brantford Airshow around the Corner

Brantford, Ontario is known for being the city where the telephone was created. The original creator of the telephone, something that branched off into the mobile phone, a device used by nearly everyone around the globe was born in Brantford. There is one other thing this city is famous for and that is the “2015 Rotary Club of Brantford Airshow” is right around the corner. Take off is on September 2nd, 2015 at 11 A.M.

Brantford Airshow

The Rotary Club has stated that they believe a total of 20,000 people will attend the airshow this year. This’ll be one of the highest attendance records to date. Each year the amount of those attending increases. A variety of old planes will be able to be viewed at this airshow including the T-28 Trojan Fighter Jets. This’ll give all those fascinated with old war planes the opportunity to watch them fly as well as see them up close as whoever attends this airshow will be able to go on Brantford Airport property in order to get an up close view at these old planes. The pilots behind these aircrafts will also be taking pictures & signing autographs for whomever might actually know them.

The Brantford Airshow is the most popular airshow in Ontario, Canada. It’s always brought in thousands of visitors. There’ll be a variety of other activities, vendors and memorabilia available at this event for visitors to enjoy. There’ll be eight performers available to be seen including the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, the most famous pilots in Canada.

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