Russian Warplanes Approach U.S. Navy Carrier

Vladimir Putin is continuing to push his limits against the United States of America, a country which has now formally admitted that Russia has an army just as powerful as their own. Two Russian “TU-142 Bear” warplanes came five hundred feet above the sea level which is vastly close. The USS Ronald Regan, the ship which these Russian fighter jets were watching was located in the Sea of Japan.

Vladimir Putin

The Pentagon classified this issue as safe but there’s no word as to what these Russian Warplanes could’ve been scanning, filming or more. The Pentagon spokesman, Jeff David noted that there was nothing to indicate that these fighter jets were posing a threat. When a Russian warplane comes of a nautical mile at five hundred feet above the sea level then they should indeed be taken as hostile.

The United States of America aren’t nearly what they used to be in terms of military. Russia has now been able to reach the equivalent of what the U.S. Army is and China is quickly filling the gap as well. This means that the world power could be challenged in the upcoming years. Though many analysts believe that the United States of America have the more accumulated Nuclear Bombs as they’ve had access to the technology for a longer period of time.

Luckily nothing came out of this Russian Warplane sighting. Any attack from these warplanes would’ve been considered as an act of war which in return could’ve caused for World War III. Hopefully this potential war never ceases to exist.

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