Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurdish Military – 268 warbirdsovernewzealand.com

Turkish Warplanes has bombed a Kurdistan Workers Party as of Saturday. This was a part of an air and ground offensive attack being done within southeast Turkey. There were militant targets specifically identified & apparently taken out within a few moments. Some areas of the southeast have been under Kurdish Military Curfew for the last ten days.

Turkish Army

The Turkish Army has stated openly that is has taken out a variety of PKK Shelters, supply points and militant targets throughout the Hakkari Province. The Hakkari province borders on the North of Turkey’s borders with Iraq & Iran. Apparently forces fought with one another for a total of eight hours before finally the Kurdish forces retreated back to their homeland in order to regain strategic offensive patterns.

This issue between the countries have been going on for centuries. Regardless of the point in history, when these countries became inhabited and largely religious, it became a constant war zone amongst a variety of countries. The last thirty one years have been safe between the borders but none the less the states erupted once again in warfare during July. Apparently thousands have been killed, hundreds from this most recent attack.

Those whom passed weren’t just military forces but they were also innocent civilians. Woman, children and men all passed due to the conflict in these regions which never seem to be able to end. Since 1984 a total of 40,000 people have been killed in the name of this feud. Peace talks could return back onto the table but this is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future.