Russian Warplanes Destroy 20 Oil Tankers

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia is a man which takes no for an answer in terms of war. This became evident again as Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed in total twenty different oil tankers during the last few days in Syria. This might seem small in size but destroying this might oil for an opposing force means that their efforts in the war will be halted momentarily & thus by allow for Russian Forces to perform greater attacks on the air & ground with far less casualties.

Vladimir Putin

During December 28th, 2015 instead of it being a normal day towards the end of the holidays, Russian Military Jets hit over four hundred terrorist targets in Syria. Some of these targets included the master minds of the Paris Attacks, some of IS’s greatest strategic generals and leaders are some but bodies buried in the ground. No Russian troops were hurt in the process which is incredible to say the least.

Russia has been the main leader in the Syrian War Campaign, they’ve been constantly assaulting the country with bombings and more in order to get rid of the threat. The United States of America on the other hand has been caught selling oil to IS, providing military grade weapons and also purchasing oil off IS. The oil aspect of their terrorist organization is the most profitable, it’s the very reason as to why Russian warplanes focus on destroying oil tanker. It serves as a major blow to Syrian Terrorists. As of right now this policed country still is in war but hopefully Russia shall end that in the coming weeks or months.