Netherlands Continues Air Strikes in Syria

The Netherlands, the home of the Dutch have announced that they will be extending their air-strikes in the United States led coalition against the Islamic based state. The Defense Minister of the Netherlands, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert was the one to announce on January 29th 2016 that Dutch forces will remain in the region.


The Dutch are also considering on sending more military equipment over to the region in order to support those Iraqi Soldiers whom are battling against the ISIS Militants as well. This war now has the US, Netherlands, Russian, Britain & Iraq all fighting off against Isis. This is reminiscent of a world war, whomever has seen pictures of this Islamic state would be able to compare the photographers with photographers from the WWII Era.

The Dutch will be using a F-16 Warplanes, six of them are currently stationed in the region with another six set to be launched in the coming days. Their have only been limited air strikes though as Russia, Britain & the US have all been contributing to the airstrikes as well.

The expansion of their efforts have only been made possible due to the Dutch Labor Partner. Their dead set on destroying all terrorism which resides in Eurasia, they hold no offence to the Muslim community as the Netherlands has accepted Syrians into their country in recent weeks but they also don’t stand for the death of innocents due to an extremist view of religion. Hopefully these airstrikes can end soon with the defeat of Isis.