Netherlands Continues Air Strikes in Syria

The Netherlands, the home of the Dutch have announced that they will be extending their air-strikes in the United States led coalition against the Islamic based state. The Defense Minister of the Netherlands, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert was the one to announce on January 29th 2016 that Dutch forces will remain in the region.


The Dutch are also considering on sending more military equipment over to the region in order to support those Iraqi Soldiers whom are battling against the ISIS Militants as well. This war now has the US, Netherlands, Russian, Britain & Iraq all fighting off against Isis. This is reminiscent of a world war, whomever has seen pictures of this Islamic state would be able to compare the photographers with photographers from the WWII Era.

The Dutch will be using a F-16 Warplanes, six of them are currently stationed in the region with another six set to be launched in the coming days. Their have only been limited air strikes though as Russia, Britain & the US have all been contributing to the airstrikes as well.

The expansion of their efforts have only been made possible due to the Dutch Labor Partner. Their dead set on destroying all terrorism which resides in Eurasia, they hold no offence to the Muslim community as the Netherlands has accepted Syrians into their country in recent weeks but they also don’t stand for the death of innocents due to an extremist view of religion. Hopefully these airstrikes can end soon with the defeat of Isis.

Russian Warplanes Destroy 20 Oil Tankers

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia is a man which takes no for an answer in terms of war. This became evident again as Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed in total twenty different oil tankers during the last few days in Syria. This might seem small in size but destroying this might oil for an opposing force means that their efforts in the war will be halted momentarily & thus by allow for Russian Forces to perform greater attacks on the air & ground with far less casualties.

Vladimir Putin

During December 28th, 2015 instead of it being a normal day towards the end of the holidays, Russian Military Jets hit over four hundred terrorist targets in Syria. Some of these targets included the master minds of the Paris Attacks, some of IS’s greatest strategic generals and leaders are some but bodies buried in the ground. No Russian troops were hurt in the process which is incredible to say the least.

Russia has been the main leader in the Syrian War Campaign, they’ve been constantly assaulting the country with bombings and more in order to get rid of the threat. The United States of America on the other hand has been caught selling oil to IS, providing military grade weapons and also purchasing oil off IS. The oil aspect of their terrorist organization is the most profitable, it’s the very reason as to why Russian warplanes focus on destroying oil tanker. It serves as a major blow to Syrian Terrorists. As of right now this policed country still is in war but hopefully Russia shall end that in the coming weeks or months.

Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurdish Military – 268

Turkish Warplanes has bombed a Kurdistan Workers Party as of Saturday. This was a part of an air and ground offensive attack being done within southeast Turkey. There were militant targets specifically identified & apparently taken out within a few moments. Some areas of the southeast have been under Kurdish Military Curfew for the last ten days.

Turkish Army

The Turkish Army has stated openly that is has taken out a variety of PKK Shelters, supply points and militant targets throughout the Hakkari Province. The Hakkari province borders on the North of Turkey’s borders with Iraq & Iran. Apparently forces fought with one another for a total of eight hours before finally the Kurdish forces retreated back to their homeland in order to regain strategic offensive patterns.

This issue between the countries have been going on for centuries. Regardless of the point in history, when these countries became inhabited and largely religious, it became a constant war zone amongst a variety of countries. The last thirty one years have been safe between the borders but none the less the states erupted once again in warfare during July. Apparently thousands have been killed, hundreds from this most recent attack.

Those whom passed weren’t just military forces but they were also innocent civilians. Woman, children and men all passed due to the conflict in these regions which never seem to be able to end. Since 1984 a total of 40,000 people have been killed in the name of this feud. Peace talks could return back onto the table but this is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Russian Warplanes Approach U.S. Navy Carrier

Vladimir Putin is continuing to push his limits against the United States of America, a country which has now formally admitted that Russia has an army just as powerful as their own. Two Russian “TU-142 Bear” warplanes came five hundred feet above the sea level which is vastly close. The USS Ronald Regan, the ship which these Russian fighter jets were watching was located in the Sea of Japan.

Vladimir Putin

The Pentagon classified this issue as safe but there’s no word as to what these Russian Warplanes could’ve been scanning, filming or more. The Pentagon spokesman, Jeff David noted that there was nothing to indicate that these fighter jets were posing a threat. When a Russian warplane comes of a nautical mile at five hundred feet above the sea level then they should indeed be taken as hostile.

The United States of America aren’t nearly what they used to be in terms of military. Russia has now been able to reach the equivalent of what the U.S. Army is and China is quickly filling the gap as well. This means that the world power could be challenged in the upcoming years. Though many analysts believe that the United States of America have the more accumulated Nuclear Bombs as they’ve had access to the technology for a longer period of time.

Luckily nothing came out of this Russian Warplane sighting. Any attack from these warplanes would’ve been considered as an act of war which in return could’ve caused for World War III. Hopefully this potential war never ceases to exist.

D-Day Doll Returns to the Sky!

During World War II there was a war plane called the “C-53 Skytrooper”, throughout the years it’s been able to gain the nickname D-Day Doll. After a year of this old classic plane being out of commission it has finally returned to the skies for test flights. The plane was able to be seen above the Riverside Municipal Airport which is just outside of Riverside County, California.

C-53 Skytrooper”

This particularly plane has had more history than most. The body itself saw three airdrops during D-Day and countless other missions before the war’s most notable battle. It’s been in countless WWII Remake Movies and now as it embarks on almost being seventy years old it stands as a visual treat for airshows. This plane is taken all across Northern America & Pilot Harrison will fly the plane above the crowd of viewers.

The D-Day Doll is being taken to the Miramar Air Show in San Diego, California in the next few days. Crowds will have the opportunity to view the olive-green paint that still remains the same as it did upon leaving the factory. They’ll also be able to see the Pin up D-day Doll Girl on its nose which was added back in 2001 when the plane was donated to the Army Air Corps.
Most of the events that this plane attends are free of charge. The Army Air Corps uses whichever donations it’s able to receive for better causes & the occasional restoration of the C-53 Skytrooper. Hopefully this plane makes it for another seventy years.

Brantford Airshow around the Corner

Brantford, Ontario is known for being the city where the telephone was created. The original creator of the telephone, something that branched off into the mobile phone, a device used by nearly everyone around the globe was born in Brantford. There is one other thing this city is famous for and that is the “2015 Rotary Club of Brantford Airshow” is right around the corner. Take off is on September 2nd, 2015 at 11 A.M.

Brantford Airshow

The Rotary Club has stated that they believe a total of 20,000 people will attend the airshow this year. This’ll be one of the highest attendance records to date. Each year the amount of those attending increases. A variety of old planes will be able to be viewed at this airshow including the T-28 Trojan Fighter Jets. This’ll give all those fascinated with old war planes the opportunity to watch them fly as well as see them up close as whoever attends this airshow will be able to go on Brantford Airport property in order to get an up close view at these old planes. The pilots behind these aircrafts will also be taking pictures & signing autographs for whomever might actually know them.

The Brantford Airshow is the most popular airshow in Ontario, Canada. It’s always brought in thousands of visitors. There’ll be a variety of other activities, vendors and memorabilia available at this event for visitors to enjoy. There’ll be eight performers available to be seen including the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, the most famous pilots in Canada.