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War is a large aspect of history that we all learn about in school and our career choices. Many occurrences during war have been such big news that just about everyone knows about it. Many people enjoy reading up about different parts of war and learning about what happened.

There are also many of us who enjoy the idea of reading about the best, fastest or most advanced from war, which includes war birds and the pilots from the first and second World War. There are many different war birds that made a name for themselves during these wars, but some simply stand out for their own reasons. The same goes with pilots.

The First World War laid the foundation for the military application of aircraft in warfare which was still in its infancy, and saw the first true official military air command structure established. The Second World War refined the use of aircraft in a military application from purely tactical applications to one of massive strategic importance. The men that flew them progressed from a gentlemanly pursuit to that of hardened battle veterans.

What To Expect

The websites has been created to offer a fast selection of detailed information about those pilots and amazing planes, which are known as war birds. Readers will have the ability to take advantage of gaining knowledge without needing to read 10 different books, which don’t have the info you are interested in.

Here we have created a website offering the best of the best and the people and machines it includes. We the war, we start with WWI (World War 1), which had a number of amazing factors and aspects on both land and in the air that are definitely worth knowing about.

We also cover WWII, which also featured a fast selection of technology and incredible factors. Of course, they had the benefit of greater technology and were better prepared, but some of the facts from the first World War may impress you a lot more than you think. These war birds were flown like something from the future with the amazing techniques and skills the pilots offered.

We will also have a look at the pilots themselves and look over the reasons they became famous and the different things they did to get there. These pilots were simply fearless and were rewarded well for their bravery and achievements.

Why Are these Wars Important?

Well they are important for many different reasons as they shape a massive part of our world even today. Many museums feature items from both wars to show the amazing effects the war had on the world. The war birds that appeared in both wars may even get you to get interested in airplanes as they feature impressive aspects of both the pilots and the planes that were seen in both these wars.

WWI and WWII are some of the biggest occurrences of our history. Many may have been lost, but during the same time legends were born and forced to push themselves far beyond their wildest limits, which is just a small part of the incredible records from the war.

Learning about these wars is something everyone should read up on, the info simply sucks you in and continues to amaze the more you find out. Finding all the info you need on just one website is almost impossible, which is why it’s important to choose the information you are interested in and starting at a point. War birds are a great place to start in which case you are at the right website.